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Please note all balloon prices shown unless otherwise stated are for Uninflated balloons. If you require helium inflation please contact us before placing an order for prices. Groovy Baby! Check out our large range of Hippie Party supplies or looking for an Austin Power's theme? We can help with our 60's Party Supplies, browse the category below!

Please note all prices shown unless otherwise stated are for uninflated balloons. If you require helium inflation please contact us for prices. (A minimum $50 order, plus delivery fee applies for any inflated balloon deliveries)
60's Hippie Party Supplies

Hippie Head Band AM391123

Price: $4.60

Peace Signs & Hearts Hippie Tropical Assortment Latex Balloon Q76894

11" (28 cm) Price is for 1 piece only

Price: $0.90

Birthday Hippie Latex Balloons M27415

12" (30cm) Printed 1 Side, Pack of 8

Price: $4.75

Love Psychedelic Daisies Hippie Foil Balloon Q29341

18" (45cm)

Price: $7.10

Peace Sign & Daises Foil Balloon Q29370

18" (45cm)

Price: $7.10

Flower Pinata M66101

Please note: Please contact us for Postage Costs when purchasing this item. Extra charges may apply.

Price: $25.00

Tye-Dye Swirl Plastic Tablecover M27403

54" x 84" (137cm x 213cm)

Sorry, out of stock

Printed Retro Flowers Table Runner BE57195

11" x 6' (27.9cm x 183cm)

Price: $7.10

Tye-Dye Swirl Invitations M27414

Pack of 8

Price: $6.90

Hippie Chick Butterfly Luncheon Napkins AM519474

Price: $8.90

Hippie Chick Plates AM549475

7" (17.8cm) Pack of 8

Price: $6.90

Cups Tye-Dye Swirl M27406

Pack of 8

Price: $6.75

Peace Sign Coasters BE54411

3.5" (8.9cm)

Price: $4.50

Tye-Dye Swirl Loot Bags M27413

Sorry, out of stock

Tye-Dye Swirl Blowouts M27412

Pack of 8

Price: $4.95

Tye-Dye Swirl Party Hats M27411

Pack of 8

Price: $4.80

60's Stickers BE54021

4.75" x 7.5" (12.1cm x 19.1cm)†Pack of 4 sheets

Price: $3.90

Peace Sign Party Tape BE66153

3" x 20' (7.6cm x 6.1m) All Weather Poly Material

Price: $5.95

Retro Flowers Party Tape BE66156

3" x 20' (7.6cm x 6.1m) All Weather Poly Material

Price: $5.95

Peace Sign Whirls BE57583

3' 4" (101.6cm) Pack of 5

Price: $8.85

Peace Sign Centerpiece BE57354

15" (38.1cm)

Price: $7.80

Route 66 Sign Cutout BE55828

16" (40.6) Printed both sides

Sorry, out of stock

60's & 70's Cutouts BE55799

16" (40.6cm) Printed both sides, Pack of 4

Price: $9.65

Peace Sign Cutout BE54329

13.5" (34.3cm) Printed both sides

Price: $2.95

Retro Flower Cutouts BE55007

14" (35.6cm) Printed both sides, Pack of 4

Price: $7.95

Funky Peace Necklace Beads BE50893

36" (92cm) Assorted Colours, Pack of 3

Price: $7.70

Beads with Peace Sign Medallion BE57232

36" (91.4cm)

Sorry, out of stock

60's Party Buttons BE60475

2.33" & 1.33" (6cm x 3.4cm) Assorted designs, Pack of 5

Price: $7.50

Tye-Dye Tattoo Sheets M27420

Pack of 2

Sorry, out of stock

Peace Sign Whirls BE57619

24'' (61cm) Pack of 3

Sorry, out of stock

Feeling Groovy Room Roll AM670150

Price: $39.95

60s Groovy Hippy Moustaches AM391636

Pack of 10

Price: $8.50

Feelin Groovy 60's Hippie Decorating Kit AM240100

Price: $23.95

Neon Doodle Swirl Decorations AM679906

Contains 6 Classic Swirls, 3 Swirls with 7'' (18cm) Cutouts & 3 Swirls with 5'' (13cm) Cutouts

Price: $12.95

60s Groovy Hippy Wall Decorating Kit AM670149

Price: $10.95

Hippie Chick 7 inch (17.8cm) Plates AM549474

Price: $6.90

Happy Birthday Tye-Dye Swirl Banner M27419

Price: $5.80

Feeling Groovy Cutout AM190175

10.5'' (26cm)

Price: $1.95

60's Street Sign Cutouts BE54501

4" x 2"' (10cm x 61cm) Printed both sides

Price: $7.95

Hippie Kit BE60786

Includes - Eyeglasses, Headband & Necklace

Price: $13.90

60s Groovy Hippy Mega Value Pack Confetti AM360081

Price: $6.95

Peace Sign Mobile BE57290

12'' (30cm)

Price: $6.30

Hippie Bus Photo Prop BE57950

3' 1'' x 25'' (94cm x 65.5cm) Please note: Express Post not available on this product

Sorry, out of stock

Retro 60's Cutouts BE54185

2''-11'' (5cm - 28cm) Printed both sides, Pack of 42

Price: $8.50

Neon Doodle Luncheon Napkins AM519507

13'' x 13'' (33cm x 33cm)

Price: $8.70

Neon Doodle Small Plates AM549507

7'' (17.8cm) Pack of 8

Sorry, out of stock

Tye -Dye Swirl Peace Sign Necklaces M27418

Pack of 4

Sorry, out of stock

Jointed Female Hippie BE57776

35'' (89cm)

Price: $7.95

Jointed Male Hippie BE57777

3' 1'' (94cm)

Price: $7.95

Peace Sign Suspenders BE60818

Adjustable, 1 size fits most

Price: $13.90

60s Groovy Hippy String Decorations AM670151

7' (213cm) Pack of 6

Price: $8.60

60s Groovy Hippy Lanterns AM240102

10'' (24cm) Pack of 3

Price: $16.95

Feeling Groovy Assorted Cutouts Value Pack AM190185

Price: $11.95

Feeling Groovy Foil Banner AM120070

Price: $10.80

Tie Die 60's Bandana AM250229

Price: $28.95

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